Winning the Caffeine Battle

The big battle of caffeine, which in my case comes in daily doses of coffee, is heading into a standoff this year.

The Benefits of Being Gluten-Free, for Me

I don’t know why there’s such an upsurge in gluten-free products, diets and talk, but I do know my story and I’m willing to share that with you all, if it helps.

If I’m Honest About My Weight….

This year, I’m returning to my roots with the Slow Carb diet, some habits and routines from the Four Hour Body, which I will be exploring here on this blog, and trying to find a healthier me.

The Scene of the Fire

Darlene and I drove over to where she grew up since she was doing some research for a piece she is writing. We hiked up into the hills a ways above her old house, not too far, just enough to get sweaty a bit. On the way back, I noticed that a fire had burnt through a field near where …

Market a Message: Simply.

[typography font=”Josefin Slab” size=”44″ size_format=”px” color=”#248507″]Try one sentence.  Make an emotional connection.[/typography] Add one more word.  Or, if you must, a phrase or short sentence. [quote] I Care.  And so I run.[/quote] [hr]   This is the genius behind Team World Vision’s delivery of their message.

There’s no I in Team is Just a Saying

Being part of the team was an excuse and a measure of accountability for something I really wanted to do. Push myself. Exercise. Exert myself. Challenge myself.