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Week #1: NYC Marathon & Vegan Recipes

About a year ago, after reading Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, I switched to a vegan diet.  I’m not super religious about it but I don’t consume milk or dairy products, including eggs, and don’t eat meat, but already having been gluten-free for the last five years or so – and my life being made so […]

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Cheating on Chipotle

One of my family’s favorite eating spots, particularly after a track meet, is Chipotle.  The food seems fresh and I’ve been able to order gluten-free food easily: get a burrito bowl.  Now that I’ve adopted a vegan diet, Chipotle is not quite as fun.  The vegetable burrito bowl is okaaaaaaay, but it’s not the same […]

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Garbanzo Beans

Tricking the Tuna Salad

Wanting to use the garbanzo beans I had in the cupboard, I tried an adaptation of this recipe: The short story is that mashed garbanzo beans can resemble the texture of tuna. It’s a pretty short story, because it was an easy and quick recipe to make. 1 can garbanzo beans 1 tsp olive […]

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can't beet 'em loaf 2

Can’t Beet ‘Em Cookies, er, Loaf

I decided to try my hand at juicing some beets, carrots and kale, inspired by a juice I got from a place in Malibu’s Country Mart on Father’s Day weekend. It went okaaaaay, but I knew after using my blender for juicing that I had too much pulp.  I strained the results of my efforts […]

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sweet and sour sweet potato wrap (1)

Sweet and Sour Sweet Potato Part II

(I actually revised this blog post before I posted it, so significantly, that I changed the title to add “Part II.”  Make sure you read until the end.) Ok, it’s maybe not the greatest name for this recipe but the name captures the unusual character of this dish. I adapted a recipe I found online […]

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Vegan Fresh-a-cini Protein Delight

Ribbons of raw zucchini and carrots play the role of the flat fettucine noodles; marinara sauce (simple: Hunts Garlic and Herb) replaces the cream-based alfredo sauce, and the protein punch comes from red quinoa and raw cashews. My own creation. Steps: 1) Start the quinoa (keen-wa) in the rice cooker (1 cup quinoa, 2 cups […]

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