Thanksgiving from the island

I’ve never celebrated from this shore, or looking east, seen the moon rise over the Pacific Ocean. We jog along Lovers Cove, seals rove, pelicans glide, climbing up to the other side of Avalon.

Week #1: NYC Marathon & Vegan Recipes

[box] “On the road to the New York City Marathon, I thought I’d record a new vegan recipe each week.”[/box] About a year ago, after reading Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, I switched to a vegan diet.  I’m not super religious about it but I don’t consume milk or dairy products, including eggs, and don’t eat meat, but already having been …

Week #1: NYC Marathon and Child Protection Services

[box] “I decided to write a weekly reflection about my path to the New York Marathon. This is my journey.”[/box] I have a love-hate relationship with running.  Sometimes running is a skeptical and cynical partner who despises my every effort, and every effort at self-improvement.  Last year, I had a couple of unfortunate accidents (weight-lifting and furniture moving) that resulted …

JT’s Portfolio

Jonathan is working on his modeling portfolio.