Winning the Caffeine Battle

The big battle of caffeine, which in my case comes in daily doses of coffee, is heading into a standoff this year.

The Benefits of Being Gluten-Free, for Me

I don’t know why there’s such an upsurge in gluten-free products, diets and talk, but I do know my story and I’m willing to share that with you all, if it helps.

If I’m Honest About My Weight….

This year, I’m returning to my roots with the Slow Carb diet, some habits and routines from the Four Hour Body, which I will be exploring here on this blog, and trying to find a healthier me.

Why I Choose to Shoot with an Old, Broken 50mm Lens

I had been relying on an 18-55mm lens, which is sort of an entry level zoom.  As the only lens I owned, it served me well.  However, on some advice from a friend who encouraged me to shoot manual and to move toward using a 50mm lens if I could get my hands on one, I began to use the 50.  Thus began a beautiful relationship.

Highlights: Tim Ferris’ End of Year Reflections, Part 1

Consume less, reflect more. from WordPress/Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg: listen to one track on repeat for work, which becomes a type of work mantra. Matt uses jazz, hip hop, or electronica, for example, when he is coding. Tim likes Grammatika.  Will try. from Jocko Willink, Navy Seal: “Discipline is freedom.” Use positive constraints. For example, schedule workouts with other people …

December Inspirations #1

Two from Austin Kleon’s weekly email: On being productive: In praise of the simple kitchen timer On design: Amazing Movie Posters from 1920’s-30’s Russia