Highlights: Tim Ferris’ End of Year Reflections, Part 1

  1. Consume less, reflect more.
  2. from WordPress/Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg: listen to one track on repeat for work, which becomes a type of work mantra. Matt uses jazz, hip hop, or electronica, for example, when he is coding. Tim likes Grammatika.  Will try.
  3. from Jocko Willink, Navy Seal: “Discipline is freedom.” Use positive constraints. For example, schedule workouts with other people at the begining and end of the day to force you to leverage time more powerfully in between.
  4. from Wim Hof: breathing exercises & ice baths.  Easy to implement idea: 30 diaphragm breaths, followed by a large intake of air that you hold until you “feel” your body asking for air.  Jump start to the morning.  I was using Tim’s “cold shower” tips to jumpstart metabolism
  5. from Robert Rodriguez: journaling. Tim does five minutes of journaling in the morning and then at night, as a self check-in.    Check out Tim’s blog on his journaling process.

Outlier/curiosity: from Dr. Dominic “Dom” D’Agostino: Eat canned sardines and oysters for breakfast.  Tim uses Wild Planet brand. Leaves me wondering what the benefit is.