Week #1: NYC Marathon and Child Protection Services

[box] “I decided to write a weekly reflection about my path to the New York Marathon. This is my journey.”[/box]

I have a love-hate relationship with running.  Sometimes running is a skeptical and cynical partner who despises my every effort, and every effort at self-improvement.  Last year, I had a couple of unfortunate accidents (weight-lifting and furniture moving) that resulted in a prolonged and painful experience with a sciatic nerve injury.  There were days when I doubted if I would ever walk upright and pain-free again.  I tried physical therapy, massage therapy, a chiropractor, steroids, pain medication, and finally elected – instead of a steroid injection – to try acupuncture.  Acupuncture treatments from January to March, approved by Kaiser, gradually brought me to a place of full and miraculous healing.

I cannot believe that I am pain-free today.  I had a very poor experience this past year preparing for the Citrus Heritage half-marathon and the Los Angeles marathon because I was so worn about by the end of the day from negotiating with the chronic pain, that I simply did not want to do the mileage required when the time came for my training run.  The irony was when I was running, I wasn’t really hurting.  Nevertheless, I could not get myself to go out for most of my training runs. My longest training run last year before the Los Angeles Marathon was 18 miles, less than ideal.

Yet, I persisted.  Yet, I finished.  I knew in advance that the reason I participate in running events is not for myself, primarily, but is to raise funds for children and women and men who don’t have access to clean water in Uganda.

This week I put in almost all of my required training runs:

  • 3 miles on a treadmill in the hotel gym while on vacation, 10 minute pace
  • 3 miles on a treadmill in the hotel gym while on vacation, 9:20 minute pace
  • 5 miles around the neighborhood, following Darlene on her bike, 9:22 pace

I’m still missing a 3 mile “hard” run, which I plan to do tonight when the family gets back from the beach.  I’d like for this effort to be an 8-8:30 minute pace, which I think I can do.

My body is responding well and I’m grateful.  I go back to work, after a week of vacation, and I’m afraid of fitting my training runs in with my work (and commute) schedule.  Most mornings I get on the training at about 6am and get back into town at about 6pm.  I will make a plan today to fit my training runs in either before or after work this week so I have  a plan going in.  See you in a week and I will report on progress!

Fears: that I won’t be consistent with my training when I return to work this week

Commitment: To send five personal emails this week asking for their support in helping me raise funds for child protection.

Funds raised: $420

Goal by this date: $1,000

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